Summary of some of the more interesting projects I’ve been involved with throughout my career. Either affording me the opportunity to learn, or perhaps doing something unique, whatever the reason, they’ve stuck with me.

Business Continuity Portal

I developed a BC portal for all documentation of BC standards and practices. With an automated, revision-controlled publishing engine garnering multiple glowing reviews from external auditors.

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Auth0 RADIUS Proxy

When old meets new. We needed a RADIUS gateway to Auth0 MFA. There was no strong prior art to be found, so I wrote one.

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Class A Exit

You've had the same addresses for decades...time to switch!

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CloudFront Authentication

CloudFront CDN is fantastic; and so is Lambda@Edge. But why incur processing costs and latency for every request for auth when you can host is as part of the distribution?

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Kentucky's First LEED Platinum Data Center

During my time at GE Appliances, I helped design and build a world-class Tier-III LEED Platinum data center; and after eight years it still is unique and ahead of time in several ways.

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