Jason A. Dour

Louisville, KY · ofni.-remove-keegddo@nosaj


  • Experienced multi-disciplinary IT architect with long experience in global enterprises.
  • Broad ranging technology experience on-premises and in cloud.
  • Excel at cross-disciplinary interaction and disaster recovery / business continuity.
  • Strong trouble-shooting, problem-solving, and procedure review and design skills.
  • Excellent writing skills, with ability to document methods and practices.
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Business Continuity
  • Automation
  • Data Protection (Backups, Replication, etc.)
  • Systems Administration
  • Network Administration
  • Storage Networking
  • Storage Administration
  • Netscout
  • Firewalls
  • VPN
  • Load Balancing
  • Microservices
  • RESTful APIs
Languages & Tools
  • Python
  • Go
  • html5
  • css3
  • Markdown
  • shell
  • bash
  • R
  • Javascript
  • Ruby
  • Perl
  • tcl
  • tk
  • expect
  • visual basic
  • C
  • php
  • hugo
  • PanDoc
  • Graphviz
  • git
  • github
  • bootstrap
  • atom
  • VS Code
  • jquery
Amazon Web Services
  • Lambda
  • API Gateway
  • Route 53
  • S3
  • EC2
  • ECR
  • ECS
  • CloudFront
  • IAM
  • ACM
  • CodeCommit
  • CodeBuild
  • CodePipeline
  • CloudWatch
  • CloudFormation
  • Athena
  • Secrets Manager
  • Directory Service
Operating Systems
  • Linux
  • UNIX (HP/UX, Solaris, others)
  • Solaris
  • VMware
  • Windows
  • Apple
  • Apache
  • Docker
  • PostgresQL
  • SQLite
  • MySQL
  • Storage (EMC, Hitachi, NetApp)
  • Avamar
  • Data Domain
  • NetWorker
  • Data Protector


Principal IT Architect; Business Continuity Coordinator

GE Appliances, a Haier Company; Louisville, KY

Serving as part of the Technology Lifecycle Management team, charged with providing a global IT infrastructure and core services. Providing cross-disciplinary architectural guidance across multiple teams and disciplines. Serving as Business Continuity Coordinator, responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the cloud-hosted BC portal, process-authoring guidelines, editorial overview of portal contents, tracking application compliance with BC documentation and testing requirements, and working with application owners and the IT Risk Management team to ensure all applications are recoverable, documented, and compliant. Key member of data center build project, responsible for the design and build of the first Tier-III Leed Platinum Data Center in Kentucky. Served as Storage Platform Lead, providing vision and administration in the storage arena including strategy, planning, budgeting, administration, capacity management, and more.

9/2004 - Present

UNIX Systems Administrator

CompuCom; Louisville, KY

Staff-Augmentation Contract; see summary above for GE Appliances.

4/2005 - 9/2006

UNIX Systems Administrator

Manpower Professional; Louisville, KY

Staff-Augmentation Contract; see summary above for GE Appliances.

9/2004 - 4/2005

UNIX Systems Administrator

Mercer Human Resource Consulting; Louisville, KY

Served on global UNIX Team, responsible for HP/UX, Solaris, and Linux. Administered global DNS servers. Co-designed ESX and VirtualCenter infrastructure, deployment. and training. Lead tech on DNS Engineering Team. Developed and deployed automated BIND management and configuration distribution. Developed and deployed SAN-mirror backup system.

9/2001 – 6/2004
Prior Experience

UNIX Systems Administrator; Lightyear Communications; Louisville, KY

5/2001 – 9/2001

Systems/Network Administrator; FKI Logistex Inc; Louisville, KY

5/2000 – 5/2001

Installation Support Analyst; Vencor Inc; Louisville, KY

9/1998 – 5/2000

Founder & Executive Producer; PJ Harvey Online

9/1996 – 2/2002

Programmer Analyst II; Department of Radiation Oncology; University of Louisville; Louisville, KY

4/1996 - 9/1998

IT Consultant; Self-Employed

2/1996 - 4/1996

Programmer III; IT – Database Administration; University of Louisville; Louisville, KY

9/1993 - 2/1996

Assistant Systems Programmer; IT – Data Center Services; University of Louisville; Louisville, KY

9/1993 - 2/1996

Consultant Supervisor; IT – Resource Centers; University of Louisville; Louisville, KY

9/1993 - 2/1996

Program Director & Disc Jockey; WLCV 570AM; University of Louisville; Louisville, KY

8/1993 – 10/1995

UofL University Club; ICS Inc.; Gateway Interior Dist.; Louisville, KY;

12/1990 – 3/1993

Computer Lab Consultant; Saint Xavier High School; Louisville, KY

12/1990 – 3/1993

Clerk; Business Computers & Software; Louisville, KY

8/1989 – 1/1992


Summary of some of the more interesting projects I've been involved with throughout my career. Either affording me the opportunity to learn, or perhaps doing something unique. Whatever the reason, they've stuck with me.

Business Continuity Portal

I developed a BC portal for all documentation of BC standards and practices. With an automated, revision-controlled publishing engine garnering multiple glowing reviews from external auditors.

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CloudFront Authentication - Take Two

Turns out Lambda@Edge makes more sense!

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Auth0 RADIUS Proxy

When old meets new. We needed a RADIUS gateway to Auth0 MFA. There was no strong prior art to be found, so I wrote one.

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Class A Exit

You've had the same addresses for decades...time to switch!

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CloudFront Authentication

CloudFront CDN is fantastic; and so is Lambda@Edge. But why incur processing costs and latency for every request for auth when you can host is as part of the distribution?

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Dice Probability

A little bit game theory and design; a little bit math-as-recreation. Playing with understanding the mechanics of dice.

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Kentucky's First LEED Platinum Data Center

During my time at GE Appliances, I helped design and build a world-class Tier-III LEED Platinum data center; and after eight years it still is unique and ahead of time in several ways.

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A collection of various code I've written in the form of scripts, libraries/modules, programs, et cetera.


Best Practices for Cloud Hosting of Hugo Static Sites

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My dice probabilities golang module. Perform stats calcs for complex dice notations.

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AWS Lambda Layer for Hugo Static Site Generator.

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AWS Lambda Layer for Net SNMP Tools

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AWS Lambda Layer for Python PyFilesystem2 module.

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AWS Lambda Layer for Python PySNMP module.

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Amazon Linux GCC Development Docker Image.

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AWS CodeBuild Docker image of Hugo.

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AWS CodeBuild Docker image of Pandoc.

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Miscellaneous Quick Hacks

A variety of quick hacks and micro utilities I've written through the years.

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My dice probabilities perl module. Perform stats calcs for complex dice notations.

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University of Louisville (Louisville, KY)

Bachelor of Arts, English
1991 – 1998

Bellarmine College (Louisville, KY)

AP College Credit
1989 - 1991

Saint Xavier High School (Louisville, KY)

1987 - 1991