Business Continuity Portal

I’ve been working in DR and BC for over 18 years. Of late, I’ve served as our IT BC Coordinator.

When it came time to relocate our disaster recovery location for our IT gear, I decided it was also time to modernize our business continuity documenation.

The goal? One location, with all our documentation, available regardless of what IT disaster happened to our primary premises, preferably in open formats, without need of special software.

I decided a static site, hosted in AWS on CloudFront (leveraging my CloudFront Auth), all published to cloud automatically from source code repository.

So I opted for a GutHib repository, with commit triggers to kick of publishing. All documenation was in Markdown format. Website template coming from Bootstrap. Markdown to HTML conversion being provided by Pandoc (using my codebuild-pandoc code). And revision auditing done by processing the GitHub commit logs and outputting it into a Markdown file for publication to the portal.

Works beautifully. All revisions from myself or other document authors are tracked by our commits to the repo. The portal is always available (and globally “close” to any users thanks to CloudFront CDN), and contains records of all changes made to it.

The auditors love it. Three times we’ve received glowing reviews for our documentation quality and controls.