This is the homepage for my dice probabilities perl module, Games::Dice::Probability. This module was a few months in the making, but the research into the math and methods behind it has been going on for years.

For an example of how to use Games::Dice::Probability, look at this simple script called dize which takes a dice expression as an argument and outputs a simple table of the value/probability distribution for the given expression. Very simple script for a lot of complex math. That’s the beauty of GDP! Also, I’ve written dizeg as a proof of concept for quick and dirty distribution graphs for a given dice expression by making use of GDP as well as GD::Graph.

This module is hosted on CPAN for the convenience of the world. A CPAN install should occur fine with 0.02 or later.

If you find this module useful or if you have something to contribute, please let me know!

Project link: